Personalization for smarter ecommerce.

        Know more,
        sell more.

        You have thousands of products and every customer has unique taste.
        Qubits personalization software helps ecommerce teams match trading demands with customer affinities to turn a visit into a sale.

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        World-class brands trust Qubit. Find out why.


        Made for cross-functional teams

        Qubit is built for digital merchandising, optimization and data science teams, with native integrations for marketers.

        ML-powered decisioning

        Machine learning is at the heart of our platform. Empowering teams to create refreshingly relevant customer experiences.

        Built for integration

        Connect to any marketing and ecommerce platform to action experiences using our real-time contextual data.


        Qubit is designed to add value at every stage on the journey towards advanced personalization.



        A purpose-built toolkit for digital merchandising and trading teams. Sell more and discount less.
        Product recommendations
        You have seconds to engage customers with the right products. Put those seconds to work.
        Product badging
        You know your products well, your customers do not. Guide discovery with personalized product badging.
        Customer affinities
        Your customers behavioral data is telling you a story. Use predictive and affinity-based algorithms to better serve them.
        Content personalization
        Your customers are unique. Present them with content that shows you know them in just a few clicks.
        A/B testing
        Our A/B testing functionality is world class. Learn what works and foster a culture of experimentation.
        Platform integrations
        Connect Qubit to any tool to import data or action an experience.
        Customer data management
        Accurate data is the key to customer relevance. Put all of their data in one place and action it.
        Omnichannel personalization
        Personalize across channels and show your customer the right things at the right moments.


        Learn how we are delivering personalization at scale across sectors.

        Discover relevant products. Push samples. Upsell and replenish.

        Explore our solutions for beauty and cosmetics.

        Supercharge merchandising. Reach your best customers.

        Explore our solutions for fashion.

        Drive brand experience online. Look after your VIPs.

        Explore our solutions for luxury.

        Increase loyalty. Boost ancillary sales. Capture every opportunity.

        Explore our solutions for airlines.

        Be persuasive. Inspire travellers. Drive revenue.

        Explore our solutions for travel and tourism.

        Bring events to life. Personalize in real time. Be responsible.

        Explore our solutions for online betting.

        A connected ecosystem.

        The Qubit personalization platform is designed with enterprise and high-growth businesses in mind.

        Our open ecosystem approach means you can connect any data source and deliver personalization across any channel.

        See our integrations

        This is where smart ecommerce lives.

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